Membership Benefits


Head start on implementing or understanding implementations of technologies developed within the group.

Influence over what direction the effort takes.

Advanced and deeper knowledge of outputs of the group (standards, recommended practices, engineering guidelines, etc.)

Marketing / Visibility

Ability to promote your organization as a leader in the area of media microservices interoperability.

Direct Conduit into the influencers in media who are taking microservices seriously enough to participate in such an effort.

High degree of visibility in this space.

Networking and ability to cultivate deep relationships and potential partnerships with those influencers, who include media companies as well as vendors.


Support an initiative targeted at facilitating increased and more rapid shift of applications to microservices and the cloud.

Support of open standards approach. Standards are critical to interoperability and openness is consistent with a positive image in the industry.

Membership Levels

Gold Level

$12K / year

Exposure on all materials as Gold Level member

Unlimited participation in Alliance activities by members of your organization

Unlimited use of Alliance name and logo on your materials.

Silver Level

$6K / year

Exposure on all materials as Silver Level member.

Observer-only status in Alliance activities for one member of your organization.

Unlimited use of Alliance name and logo on your materials.

Consultants / Students

$100 / year

Extremely low cost way for membership for those with no affiliation with any current / potential Alliance member company.

No permission to use Alliance name or logo on your materials.

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